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Ruby Yaya South Africa

Ruby Yaya

Ruby Yaya South Africa is a gorgeous bohemian chic women’s clothing label imported from Australia. This lifestyle resort wear label is the perfect travel companion on your exotic holiday, a glamorous addition to a fabulous night out and can even be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day, in the comfort of your home.

Ruby Yaya, Kalypso and Lula Soul are catered to their intelligence, creativity and individuality, while also boasting great quality and affordability. This breath-taking fashion brand delivers a range of unique, vibrant creations and Rubyyaya will unceasingly be your best-loved show stopping garment.

Enjoy browsing our luxurious boho chic collections; Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, Cotton Dresses, Gucci Dresses, Poly-Silk Globetrotters, Halter Dresses, Maxi Kaftans,  Off-shoulder Tops, Tunics, Lace Tops, Jumpsuits, Playsuits, Ponchos, Strapless Maxi’s, Beach Dresses, Pom Pom Sandals, Colourful Jewellery, Casual Clothing, Beachwear and Kids clothing.

tel: +27 21 4471924 / +27 82 5788889