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Bellovista Productions is the new production house on the block.
A creative production company in the heart of Cape Town’s Design District. Bellovista has brought a new lifestyle concept into the creative South African scene – fusing both local and international trends together into an everyday environment. They specialize in project development for creative people, their lifestyle and skills. This is done through Film, PR & Events, Lifestyle Concierge, Creative Projects, A Photographic Gallery, Screening Room and Foodie Space.

Their freelance team is ever evolving as they connect people and projects, and merge ideas with skills with a network consisting of – stylists, producers, film makers, photographers, lifestyle managers, big dreamers, small detailers, artists, foodies, designers – an unlimited creative team.

A Production Company – By The Creatives – For The Creatives.

tel: +2772 323 5036



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